Homegrown is a collaboration with Vancouver artist, Gabe O’Connell. The work privileges an aesthetic approach to affect, wrapping emotional music in inspired visuals. The footage was shot after using meditation and emotional recall to create a strong emotional relationship to the music. I then used a street photography-style of cinematography (unscripted, handheld camera, and by myself). While the works focus heavily on Montreal’s public spaces, my emotional method makes these images intensely personal as well. 
Music by Gabe O'Connell
Directed, Shot and Edited by Alexander Krause
Actors: Mat Enger & Luna DeSalterain Valentone
Second Camera: Georges Rafie
Driver: Abi Quinlan
Extra thank you to:
Sam Kessler, Krysten Krulik, Jacob Frackson, Sean Nossek & Greta Rainbow
© Alexander Krause 2018